Graphics/Vehicle Wraps

Graphics/Vehicle Wraps

See below for frequently asked questions on our design, wrap and graphic services

  • Is there a warranty with a wrap or decals?

    Due to the inability to verify how a customer's vehicle is cared and maintained for as well of ever changing weather conditions, automotive wrap and decals do not include any serviceable warranty either by the manufacturer of the products used, or by ATG. There is a (7) day curing period window where ATG will review, at customers request, for any prematurely lifting or bubbled areas on the wrap or decal, to correct.

  • How long will the wrap last?

    While we utilize only premium cast and calendered vinyls for our installs with UV coated lamination, offering great durability ranging on average from 5 to 10 years of life; there are several factors that can attribute to how long a vinyl may actually last and this could be less than the average durability rating or longer -  primarily based on how the vehicle is cared for and stored over its life. The areas that usually will break down and fail the soonest will be the hood and roof vinyl, as these surfaces are more heavily prone to extreme temperature changes from both sides of the vinyl. However, any wrapped area that is prone to weather and high UV exposure can reduce the lifespan of the wrap.

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