Residential FAQ

  • What is window film or window tint?

    This is a film/laminate retrofit coating upgrade to factory glass that can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in automobiles, homes and buildings. Window film is made from polyester and has the ability to accept a variety of surfaces when applied and with embedded substances (i.e.; ceramics, metals, pigments, dyes, ultraviolet inhibitors, etc.) Window film has also been described as window tint, it is the same product, and the terms are synonymous.

  • RESIDENTIAL Window Film Warranty

    The warranties offered on quality films installed by trained and professional dealer installers will usually cover the cost of removal, cost of replacement film, and cost to reinstall the film. Solar control window films are warranted against crazing, peeling, demetalizing, bubbling, delaminating or discoloring when properly installed according to manufacturer’s film to glass recommendation and by an authorized dealer. This warranty is extended to the original home owner for as long as they own and live in the home where the film is installed. Some films that we carry come with a one-time transferrable warranty depending on which window film is selected. 

  • RESIDENTIAL Window Care/Cleaning Instructions

    Do not clean the film for thirty days after installation. There will be visible changes during the curing period, including a cloudy look and little moisture trapped between the film and glass. Do not poke or touch your film until after the thirty day dry out time. If you have questions or concerns regarding any large air/water pockets forming or pulling up from the corners, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

    For the best results you can clean your new film with a soft microfiber towel and fresh soap and water. Ammonia, ammonia-substitute chemicals and trisodium phosphate (or any phosphate) products are not recommended for repeated long-term use on window films as they can rapidly degrade the quality of the window film. 

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