Decorative Fims

Incorporating decorative and frost films in office buildings, schools, universities, churches and homes to the existing glazing will control viewing and make areas more unique, private and useable. Decorative films add a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy and glare control to any flat glass application. Decorative films are a cost effective, versatile alternative to the traditional method of acid-etched patterned glass.

There are many uses for decorative window films. We have installed this type of films in bathroom windows, shower doors, office windows, office doors, entry and foyer areas of homes and business and restaurants for privacy. The design possibilities are endless and we can help you design your next project and you will be amazed by the transformation of the glass.


white frost.jpgFrosted films allow good use of available ambient light while reducing visual intrusion, and provide an excellent choice to enhance privacy in offices, restaurants, conference rooms and store fronts. Frosted films can be used alone or combined with pattern films; these visually appealing films can eliminate the need for blinds. 
Frosted films help reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employees and building tenants. All frost films are design for interior application and can be retrofitted on existing glass by experienced installers with minimal disruption to office operations.


Matte Privacy Films

These films can be used to enhance the appearance of existing glazing, while also protecting against the unwanted intrusion of prying eyes. These films are available in a wide range of shades and colors allowing you to choose a film that will complement your home’s interior and exterior design. Matte privacy films can be applied to an entire pane or cut and designed into various shapes, styles and patterns that offer you the look that you desire. These films are very useful in certain residential environments where you are looking for privacy ie: bathrooms, foyer windows or other areas of your home. Let us help you change the atmosphere in your home or home office.

Color Films

Give your business windows a visual eye-popping artsy touch. You can select from a large selection of color window films that will enhance any boring window. You can use color window films to design your logo, add color to your store front and make it stand out. Color window films are used for decorative designs on glass to create the look you want.  Illuminate the interior or exterior glass of a building to give old glass new life.  Window films are energy efficient, blocking heat and UV at 79 to 98%.

Custom color window films can be overlaid to match thousands of colors needed.  Create design with pure transparent, translucent, or opaque transmissions.  Services include: Planning, design, production, and installation. 

White Matte and Blackout Films

These films provide two way privacy and they will stop the passage of light completely. Whiteout and blackout films block the ability to view thru the glass in both directions, light is eliminated completely. When whiteout or blackout films are required it is usually for security or interior planning. These films can be used as a tempory or semi permanent privacy measure. 

One-Way Mirror Films

Demonstration of one-way mirror film at work

Demonstration of one-way mirror film at work

Reflective window film can be used to protect against the unwanted intrusion of prying eyes, while maintaining the view outwards. It is sometimes referred to as one way mirror film.

If you are looking to install one way mirror film in a certain viewing area of your home we can help. Something to consider when looking for one way mirror film is the lighting conditions in the viewing room as well as the lighting conditions in the observation areas. The lighting conditions must always be dim in the viewing area as opposed to the observation area. The lighting conditions in the observation area should always be brighter, so that the bright light is reflected off the glass making it difficult to look thru the glass because of the high reflectivity. This will give you the ability to view thru the glass without being detected on the opposite side of that glass that is treated with one way mirror film.

There are certain limitations when it comes to the ability to have a true one way mirror film. They will work well and provide great privacy under certain lighting conditions. So, give us a call so that we can expertly evaluate your project.


When you hire Accurate Window Tinting you can be confident that we are accredited by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) as Solar Control Window Film Specialists.

We are licensed, insured and we have workers comp insurance and bondable. We are also properly registered in Delaware and Maryland. If you require any proof of insurance it can be supplied upon request. If you need a W-9 we can provide that too. We are a professional and well established company.

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